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Toy of the Month: Peppa’s Adventures School Playset

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The Toy of the Month for February is Peppa’s Adventures School playset.  I have been using a lot of the Peppa Pig playsets in my speech therapy sessions lately.  These playsets are amazing for supporting many speech and language skills.  As we have discussed in previous weeks, play allows children to learn their speech and language skills in a meaningful and natural way.  These Peppa Pig playsets provide great opportunities for expanding their vocabulary, using a variety of phrase and sentence types, and developing social skills.  

  • VocabularyVocabulary development is crucial in order to support a child’s development of understanding and use of language. Let’s look at vocabulary to focus on while playing with playset:

    • School People and Objects:  “table”, “chair”, “guitar”, “lunchbox”, “food”, “bell”, “wheelchair”, “teacher”, and “friends”

    • Class Routine Words:  “Math”, “Music”, “Art”, “Lunch”, and “Weather”

    • Action Words:  “sit”, “eat”, “dance”, “sing”, “draw”, “work”, “play”, “read”, “line-up”, and “wait”

  • Using Phrases and Sentences:  We learn to put words together to express ourselves more efficiently and in more detail. Let’s look at some of the phrases and sentences we can model during play with this playset:

    • Action + Noun:  “eat lunch”, “draw picture”, “play guitar”, and “push chair”

    • Preposition + Object:  “on chair”, “on stage”, “in line”, “in lunchbox”, and “at school”

    • Action + Preposition + Noun:  “sit in chair”, “put on table”, “hang on wall”, and “stand on stage”

  • Social Skills:  Role play and pretend play provide a great opportunity to practice a variety of social skills.  Let’s look at some social skills that can be practiced while playing with this playset:

    • Taking Turns:  Peppa and her friends must learn to take turns throughout their school day.  They must take turns while picking a song to sing during Music class and even performing on stage.  Whose turn is it to be the line leader today and who will get to pass out art supplies during Art class?

    • Complimenting Others:  Peppa and her friends have many opportunities to give compliments to one another.  “I love your flower picture”, “That was a great dance”, and “Thank you for helping me” are just a few examples of compliments they might use throughout the school day.

    • Conversation:  Peppa and her friends like to chat during lunch and recess.  They may ask questions to one another such as “What is your favorite color?” or “Would you like to play with me?”.  Peppa likes to tell her friends about playing in muddy puddles and catching butterflies.  Peppa also likes to listen to the stories her friends share with her.  

I hope you enjoy pretend play this week with your child whether it’s with Peppa and her friends or another playset you may have at your house!  My desire is that these ideas will help support you and your child in their speech and language development.  


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