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Providing Pediatric Speech & Language Services

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Welcome to Tiny Wonders Speech and Language Therapy!  It is our passion to help children and their families by providing individualized care and family education to help grow your child's communication abilities.  


 Speech-Language Services Provided:


Evaluations may include a caregiver interview, formal and/or informal assessments, speech-language sample, and observation during play and conversation. Following the evaluation, we will develop a treatment plan and goals.   

Therapy Services

Therapy services are family-centered and individualized to each child's specific goals, strengths, and motivators.  Each session provides evidence-based treatment approaches as well as interactive activities.  Caregivers are encouraged to participate in each session and are provided strategies for carryover at home.  

Caregiver Education

We belief that families and other caregivers have the most impact on a child's growth in regards to their communication goals.  Education and training are offered to families and caregivers for specific communication skills and strategies that help support the child in their home environment.

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